Frequently Anticipated Questions

Q1. What's the story here?
A1. Tiny God consists mostly of the creations of Russell Borogove, an unemployed software developer, who has been developing weird audio software in order to entertain and educate himself. This primarily consists of plug-in components for VST hosts such as Audiomulch, plus a few stand-alone programs.

Q1a. That link didn't work.
A1a. That's not a question. Try this link instead.

Q2. Why "Tiny God"?
A2. Because this comic strip still makes me laugh my fool head off years later.

Q3. What's VST?
A3. VST is Virtual Studio Technology, Steinberg's specification for plug-in components for their Cubase digital audio workstation software. In short, a VST plugin can receive, manipulate, and send chunks of digital audio data in conjunction with a bunch of other components; this allows users to expand their capabilities a piece at a time, much like buying new effects units or synthesizers at your local music gear dealer, without having to throw away all your existing musical equipment. The VST format is available on both Windows and Macintosh platforms; besides VST, there are platform-specific standards for this kind of software: DXi on Windows, and AU on Mac OS X, to name two.

Q4. What's Audiomulch?
A4. Ross Bencina's Audiomulch is a software "music studio" or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) which supports VST plugins, but is somewhat more loosely structured than most VST host software. Many of the plugins I've developed are designed for use with Audiomulch; they're tailored to its strengths and its limitations, and may not be usable or useful in other hosts.

Q5. Why aren't your plugins available for the Mac?
A5. I only have so much free time to work on these plugins, and I have no experience programming for the Mac — yet. That said, I am trying to make time to learn to program on OS X, and some of my projects may well come to the Mac some day. Currently I'm looking at Audio Units rather than VST on the Mac. If there are any Mac programmers out there who want to port my plugins to Mac VSTs, please contact me!

Q6. You're giving most of your software away. How do you make money doing that?
A6. I don't. I have a day job doing engineering for a game software company in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm trying to make time to work on Tiny God projects, but when I tell my friends that I want to come home from a long day of programming and program some more, they try to get me to seek professional help, or at least a stiff drink. As I learn more about audio programming, and write reusable audio code, I'll be able to produce cooler plugins, which I may be able to sell for more money eventually, but I'm not relying on that.

Q7. (No longer relevant)

Q8. I've got a great idea for a plugin! Can I tell you about it?
A8. Please do. Many of my best projects have been inspired by other people's ideas. Just don't complain when your idea collides with someone else's in my head, and I create something totally unlike what you were envisioning. I can't even keep my own ideas on course half the time.