Meridian is a sweet little VSTi synthesizer.


• Mutation feature modifies the settings with every note played, in order to explore all the sounds Meridian is capable of. The mutation rate is widely variable, from vanishingly slight adjustments of the patch to a totally different sound on every note.
• Dual CrapGates can modulate panning, filter, and amplitude envelopes.
• Unique oscillator architecture allowing continuous control of waveshape brightness and harmonic fullness within each of 9 wavesets.
• Multimode filter with 6 primary modes and 6 variations on each.
• Integral waveshaping distortion.
• 4-tap tempo-syncable stereo delay.
• Lovingly optimized oscillator and filter code for unbelievably low CPU usage.
• And much, much more!

Download Meridian Monophonic Version (Windows VSTi)

But how does it sound, you ask?

Demo song by androidlove - Meridian only - no external effects, no post production! (224Kbit MP3, 0:57)

Nadir by Peste Electrique - featuring 7 instances of Meridian + Drumatic, Attack, SR202, some effects (128Kbit MP3, 2:47)

One note played on Meridian. (128Kbit MP3, 0:52)

Meridian screams. Meridian + drum machine + effects. (192Kbit MP3, 1:28)

The full version of Meridian, featuring 32-voice polyphony, is also available for US$35.

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