Murmur is a filter sequencer, similar to Breather but without the randomness.


• 2 variable-cutoff resonant filters offering 12dB/octave lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch modes as well as a 24dB/octave lowpass mode.

• Syncs to host tempo, sequencing up to 8 steps of durations from 64th note to double whole note.

• Full control of filter frequency and resonance for each filter and sequence step.

• Compact and straightforward custom GUI.

Download Murmur VST for 32-bit Windows

Besides the free version of Murmur, we also have Murmur Pro, which has the following features over and above the basic version:

• 16 step sequencer.

• 2 LFOs (6 waveforms), each able to modulate the frequency or resonance of either filter, or the gain stage, or the gate times, or the swing factor.

• Built-in noise generator.

• Scramble button to randomize the entire sequencer matrix.

All of this goes for a mere US$15.

Purchase Murmur Pro!